Completed early Walnut Card Table Circa 1740Sofa Table circa 1820 awaiting restorationThe highest care and attention to detail is given to the restoration of your treasured antique furniture, Rod can restore and conserve all periods, styles and woods. Longcase clocks, Clock cases and barometers.

All types of cabinet repairs and polishing from a loose leg to a complete rebuild.

Timber of compatible age is used where possible when parts are missing or need patching. The polished finish to any piece of well crafted antique furniture is of the greatest importance, old surfaces are retained whenever possible and also patination.

Picture Left - Completed early Walnut Card Table Circa 1740

Picture Right - Sofa Table circa 1820 awaiting restoration

After so many years building up his business Rod has clients from all over the region and country ranging from dealers, Country houses, corporate bodies and private individuals.

Rod is always happy to advise and estimate the cost involved in restoring or conserving any piece of Antique Furniture.

Rosewood Tallboy Before WorkRosewood Tallboy After WorkOne hint Rod would like to give to any Antique furniture owner, is keep a careful eye out for the furniture beetle which need not be a problem, it is tiny but can cause mayhem over a few years if left unchecked. The beetle tends to go for fruit woods and soft woods. The holes you see are usually exit holes and are white if the beetle has been active, it flies around May September and can be easily treated with one of the proprietary wood worm brands available from most DIY shops.

Polishing, French Polishing, Ebonising, Traditional Wax Finishing, Rod is a specialist in all these categories.

Veneer repairs to all types of wood: Mahogany, Rosewood etc.

Cabinet and drawer repairs.

Insurance work quoted for: Flood or fire damage.

Picture Left - A Rosewood Tallboy cica. 1760

Picture Right - The Rosewood Tallboy finished with various pieces of veneer repaired or relayed, fully cleaned and wax finished.

To see more examples of Rod's Antique Furniture Restoration please see his gallery page.