Here are just a few examples of Bespoke Furniture that Rod's been commissioned to make.

Oak Refectory TableOak Centre Table with Carved Base

Left - Oak Refectory Table Under Construction - Made to Clients Exact Requirements.

Right - This is an Oak Centre Table with Carved Base, created from an historic photograph of the table which the client wished to recreate.

Six Mahogany ChairsMahogany Chair Back in Detail

Left - Six Mahogany Chairs Waiting To Be Upholstered.

Right - One of the Chairs Showing Details of the Back which was made to match.

Pine panelled door made to measure and match existing doors, before and after being fitted with intumescent door seals

Left - This Pine Panelled Door Was Made To Measure & Match Existing Doors - move your mouse over the picture to see the Pine Door Fitted Prior To Being Painted and Fitted with Intumescent Door Seals.

Right - A batch of Oak Notice Boards Made to Order.